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To give voice to issues of sex trafficking, the intersectionality of a culture of violence and to highlight individuals and organizations that are working to bring justice to the enslaved.
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Mar 10, 2021

Multnomah County Commissioner, Susheela Jayapal; Claire Barrera Program Manager at El Programa Hispano’s UNICA and Joyclyn Bell a survivor and activist join me for this important conversation about Oregon Senate Bill  274.

Introduction: Charging children with prostitution is counter to our values as a community. Given that children cannot, by law, consent to sex, it is inherently contradictory to criminalize them for prostitution. They are experiencing a crime, and should not be treated as committing one. Experiencing arrest, prosecution, and/or custody by law enforcement is deeply traumatizing, especially for sex trafficking survivors of color who have already faced trauma, systemic racism, and trafficking.

SB 274 Priorities: prevention, decriminalization, reducing barriers.

SB 274 focuses on decriminalizing prostitution for minors -- including removing the ability to arrest and/or charge minors who are experiencing sex trafficking with prostitution. Sex trafficking disportionality impacts Black and Brown minors, so making this adjustment would directly support reducing the unnecessary criminalization of these populations.

Senate Bill 274 would reduce further systemic trauma and protect minor sex trafficking survivors from incurring legal consequences and penalties for being trafficked. It would also address reports of child abuse involving survivors of sex trafficking.

Jan 7, 2021

The ​Human Trafficking Awareness Day​ ​event hosted by the Junior League of Portland, on January 11, 2021 at 6pm PST, will include a keynote presentation about human trafficking, specifically addressing the issue of how black girls and women & Native American girls and women have been historically, currently and repeatedly targeted and harmed and how our systems are a part of the problem.

This is a free event to attend.

Register at

Keynote speakers include:

  • Sarah Nedeau, Director of Community-based Programs at New Avenues for Youth

  • Susheela Jayapal, Multnomah Co. Commissioner, District 2

  • Adrienne Livingston, Director of Anti-Sex Trafficking Initiatives at WorldVenture

Nov 16, 2020

Christen Price serves as Legal Counsel for the National Center on Sexual Exploitation Law Center.  She joins me to talk about the case, Charleston v. State of Nevada, where they will argue that Nevada’s pro-prostitution law conflicts with federal laws that ban sex trafficking and violates the Thirteenth Amendment’s ban on any form of involuntary servitude.


Nov 13, 2020

This episode is The National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) Webinar addressing the case:  Charleston vs. state of Nevada.

The National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) Law Center will be arguing that Nevada’s pro-prostitution law conflicts with federal laws that ban sex trafficking and violates the Thirteenth Amendment’s ban on any form of involuntary servitude. More details about the plaintiffs’ stories, and the legal briefs can be found at 


Rebekah Charleston, Survivor of Nevada’s Legal Brothels, Plaintiff in this case.

Christen Price, Legal Counsel, National Center on Sexual Exploitation; Co-counsel in this case.

Jason Guinasso, Attorney; Lead attorney in this case.

Melissa Holland, Founder, Awaken; Provides direct services to women in prostitution in Nevada & leads local efforts to overturn NV’s prostitution laws.

Angela Delgado-Williams, Survivor of Sex Trafficking in Nevada.

Nov 9, 2020

Aashima Samuel heads the Children at Risk project with Evangelical Fellowship of India (EFIC@R) as the National Director. Her desire is to see that the churches and communities arise and come together to eradicate Human trafficking.

Oct 26, 2020

Caitlin Roper is an activist, writer and PhD candidate at RMIT university in Melbourne, Australia where she is researching female-bodied sex dolls and robots. Caitlin is the Campaigns Manager at Collective Shout ( which is a nonprofit that works toward a world free of sexploitation, a grassroots campaigns movement challenging the objectification of women and the sexualization of girls in media, advertising and popular culture. Caitlin is a Founding Member and Chair of Adopt Nordic Western Australia to fight sex trafficking and a Huffington Post blogger.  Her Twitter handle is @caitlin_roper.  Checkout

Oct 12, 2020

Laura is the Founder of The Liberty Project and in Pemba Mozambique which was started in 2016.  Their work is to see the chains of sexual exploitation, abuse, trauma and severe cultural oppression broken! Working with Mozambican women to see them healed, confident and whole, through the redeeming love of Jesus, education, and practical empowering skills!

Oct 5, 2020

Justin Euteneier is the Program Director of The EPIK Project (Everyman Protecting Innocent Kids) which is a nonprofit which serves to mobilize male allies to disrupt the commercial sex market, equipping them to combat the roots of exploitation and encouraging them to collaborate effectively with the wider anti-trafficking movement.

Sep 9, 2020

Rachel Nelson is the Executive Director of the Freedom Businesses Alliance.  They exist to employ survivors of human trafficking and those at risk of being trafficked, investing in their personal and professional development. From hand crafted goods to coffee shops to technology and everything in between, these businesses are united by the common vision of preserving freedom for the most vulnerable.

Jul 31, 2020

Kristin Gibowicz was yoga certified in 2003 and has over 6,000 hours of teaching and training experience in many styles from power yoga to yin yoga.   As founder and lead trainer of Living Soul Institute, a yoga school in Colorado, they integrate the richness of yoga tradition with Christ-centered spirituality and they provide teacher certification and continuing education training.  

Jul 8, 2020

Dr. Steve Tracy is the President and International Director of Mending the Soul Ministries whose mission is to bring restoration to people world-wide who have experienced abuse. He is the author of several books, including Mending the Soul: Understanding and Healing Abuse. His writing and ministry are focused on sexuality, abuse, and social justice. Steve and his wife Celestia spend 6-8 weeks every year ministering to trauma survivors in East Africa, particularly in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.    Published July 8, 2020

Jun 24, 2020

Dr. Adebimpe Adewusi is a Child Abuse Pediatrician at CARES Northwest. She has a special interest about the issue of Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC), problematic sexual behaviors, and medical neglect cases.  We discuss what signs of sex trafficking and exploitation that pediatricians can look for when seeing a patient.  If you are a physician and would like to take one of her trainings, email her at  

Other Resources - CARES Northwest  Call To Safety, Oregon Department of Human Services

Published June 23, 2020  - This episode is sponsored by Village Church 

Jun 3, 2020

Stephanie Powell, Executive Director of Journey Out and is a retired Police Sergeant for 30 years and is the author of My Choice, My Body, My Rules on found on Amazon.  Journey Out is a Los Angeles-based nonprofit whose mission is to help victims of commercial sexual exploitation and sex trafficking leave a life of abuse and violence, overcome their fears, and empower them to reach their full potential and achieve their goals.  We also discuss how this time of COVID-19 is impacting victims of sex trafficking and exploitation.

Published on June 3, 2020


May 27, 2020

Jessica Muñoz is the is the Founder and President of Ho`la N Pua.  Tammy Bitanga is the Community Advocacy & Outreach Coordinator.

Ho`ōla Nā Pua, meaning ‘New Life for Our Children,’ was founded to shine light into dark voids of violation, placing the health of Hawaii’s youth at the center of their mission and vision for their community. They are committed to the prevention of child sex trafficking and providing care for children who have been exploited. Ho`ōla Nā Pua (HNP) is dedicated to creating a community where children are safe and have the ability to embrace their bright futures.  HNP offers integrated programming that reaches over thousands of youth and community members and stakeholders across the state of Hawaii annually, but is considered a national partner and a rising standard in the global effort to stop sex trafficking, permanently.   

24/7 Starfish Hotline 808.222.1872; National Human Trafficking Hotline 888.373.7888.   Published on May 27, 2020.

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